portrait session


This session fee includes; the pre-consultation, a 1-2 hour photography session on location of your choice, and the viewing and product ordering session.


Wedding + event 

Wedding and event coverage is customized to your needs. Please contact me for a quote. 



Remember as a kid, finding an old shoebox of family photos with bent and torn corners? I'd flip the photo over and in my great-grandmothers handwriting was the date and the names of my long lost relatives. I was transported back in time with just one photo and I instantly knew their whole story. That's what I am to provide with my products; something real and tangible; a legacy for generations to come.

I offer many amazing products to show off and showcase your new portrait art. I've searched high and low to offer to you the most unique and high quality products that are exclusive only to professional photographers. There is no minimum purchase, you buy only what you love.

Please contact me for a complete product and pricing menu. 

gallery walls 

The gallery wall is all you need to tell your whole story. There are many different options and frame styles to choose from, completely customizable to your home decor.

speciality frames

Speciality frames are the statement piece you've been looking for. Many more hand-crafted and unique framing options available. 

foilo boxes 

Foilo boxes are small and intimate, a modern take on the photo album. They hold all of your sessions favorite images. Great for your coffee table or nightstand.

and more...

I offer many more products such as albums, cards, announcements and digital files.  Please inquire with me for product specifics and prices.