beth + joe

As I photographed Beth and Joe; I couldn't help but fall in love with the way they were together. Beth was blissful and calm while Joe was doting and silly. These characteristics I know will be a testament to their parenting of this sweet baby. I'm so happy to know this mama personally and excited to watch her journey into motherhood. 

Congratulations Beth and Joe on the grandest of adventures! 

the huebner's

Gosh, I feel like I really lucked out with this beautiful family session from last weekend. I mean every one of them is stunning, the fall colors were spot on and who could forget about that fog!!!

So without further ado; meet the Huebner's. A family that loves and supports one another so tremendously, so endlessly and so happily. My words don't do their happiness and love for each other enough justice, so take a look for yourself. 

seasons change

What better time to reflect and smell the roses of this past summer than as the buzz of fall approaches complete with rainy days, sweater-weather and all things pumpkin spiced... To be honest, I don't even like pumpkin spiced things and I'm not apologizing for it.


Big life changes happened this summer, I moved out of my long time home in Gunnison, Colorado to the big city in Boulder, Colorado. I had months to prepare. Months to pack. Months to emotionally wrap my head around the big move. But instead I dug my heels in. I refused to plan for it. I refused to pack for it. I refused to be excited. 'Cuz I don't like change. 

So there we were, with a house full of helpful family moving furniture and boxes into the U-Haul. And there I was, unpacked as everyone buzzed around me. Fighting to find some sense of control over my life but mostly fighting back tears as wrapped the things and the memories of our first home together in bubble wrap and put them into boxes. 

Sure, I've moved in the past. Come and gone from Gunnison at my whims; once after college to pursue my degree and once to Montana to pursue my passion in photography. But this time was harder. It was harder because I wasn't following my whims, but his. 

Today, someone important just said the words I needed to hear, "Be open, you'll find it again." 

I guess the point is, seasons change. Life changes. So despite the fear, I'll be open to new opportunities. I'll find that control again and with it I'll choose to see the "flowers". I’ll find the good and making the most out of this new life adventure.

Today I think I'll stop to smell the roses. 

the stephens' family

Most summers growing up, my family and I would make the trip to Gunnison, Colorado. We'd rent cabins near Powderhorn and come into Gunnison on the Fourth of July. Whether we were fishing, hiking or jeeping around; we'd always make a trip to Lake City and the San Juan Soda Co. We'd enjoy scoops and scoops and scoops of ice cream. 

Well like my family the Stephens; Brandon, Kendra and young Blakeley have the same idea. They vacation and adventure around in beautiful Lake City every summer. 

I hope you all will stop by the San Juan Soda Co. for Colorado's best ice cream. I hope the Stephens get to enjoy many more beautiful Colorado summers. But mostly, I hope Blakeley gets to dance every summer barefoot in the creeks.

the case family

Last Saturday little Makena celebrated her first birthday! She is so sweet, she is so beautiful and most importantly she is so loved. With a birthday fit for a princess, it was only natural that there would be a tear or two... Okay Makena... it's your birthday, and you can cry if you want too.            

 After all, thats just real life.